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I live for inspiring and training people to improve their lives – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, socially and sexually. Even so, I have to urge you not to view any of my efforts and work as a promise, guarantee or implication of any kind of future results. Especially not for any future financial earning or gain of any kind.

I am not a registered CPA, financial planner and advisor, tax advisor, legal expert, doctor, dietician, personal trainer, priest or anything like that. Nor am I engaged in providing professional legal, tax, medical or any professional advice of any such nature. Seek the guidance of appropriate professionals based on your own unique needs.

Never make investment or business decisions, begin a new fitness plan or new diet based, just on anything I say or do. Consult your own financial planner, doctor, dietician, attorney, personal trainer or spiritual advisor first. What I offer is for educational, information, novelty and entertainment purposes only. Even though I do extensive research and have done so for decades, I also often express my opinions – and my opinions may be distorted by my own internal filters and may as such not always be accurate or even true – though I strive best I can to be as accurate and truthful as I can be. Sometimes when I tell stories I may not be 100% historically correct and it is simply a best effort recollection of events and told in a way that may make it most useful, inspiring and entertaining for you – and it certainly, in spite of my best, most sincere efforts will not be word for word, second by second 100% just identical as it was. As an example, sometimes I cannot remember the exact age I was at the time, or word for word exactly what I or someone else said – just the overall content of the conversation or experience and I apologize for any errors where they may occur. Also where I curse, do something less then excellent or show poor manners or crudeness, I take full responsibility. Please do not let that be a reflection of my parents, mentors, teachers etcetera as they all did the best they could in guiding me and were fine people worthy of respect and my gratitude.

My results and the results of people I use as examples are not typical. Research tells us that most people who buy business, personal growth, and fitness home study systems never bother to complete the entire program and that most never get any significant long term results from it. As an example, you and I both know people buy the latest fitness machine and after a few weeks or months it often ends up unused or in storage and the owners never end up looking like the fitness model they saw in the infomercial when they bought it, correct?

If you are looking for a no-risk, guaranteed quick-fix “get rich quick scheme” then this is not for you. What I offer involves risk, hard work, focus and flexible persistence. Please see my FREE 5D’S OF SUCCESS video on my website where I explain how success requires much more than desire, determination, discipline, daily rituals of success and distraction management. It requires a healthy self-esteem, solid character, a high work ethic, self-confidence, creating and adding value in the marketplace, effective marketing skills and much more. It certainly is not quick, risk-free or easy.

Life can be hard, markets are volatile, being a business owner and investor is very risky, getting and staying fit is hard, building a long-term fulfilling

love relationship is demanding, attracting true love is not easy, and tomorrow we may both be dead. That is reality. Just like the fact that many people are making great money in on-line marketing and in residential and commercial real estate investing but you may not necessarily ever be one of them, but then again, you just may. Nobody can say for sure and guarantee you this. There are many variables and factors that will determine it, some of them will be out of yours and my control. At best, we can only attempt to stack the odds in your favor. Nothing more. Often this still results in frustration and requires us to “embrace the suck” and celebrate the struggle of our journey as we persist towards our chosen goals.

Even though I have traveled the world across five continents – working with many of the most accomplished business leaders and strength athletes globally – and report on the most effective “best practices”, I have found that what works for me or others may not necessarily work the same for you.

Markets differ as do people. Results will always vary. Personalized customization is always necessary. I do not offer a magic “silver bullet”, or any quick fix, guaranteed results “magic pill” or “miracle cure”. I do not claim anything about your ability to earn money. I do not know anything about you or your circumstances, conditions and opportunities personally. It is unique to you, and your choices, decisions, actions and results are all up to you. I can offer ideas, inspirations and strategies that worked for me and others, but I cannot be you or live your life. All I can do is support and encourage you.

I do hope you will find valuable perspectives for your own thinking, due diligence and research but as required by law cannot, and do not, claim or guarantee that my systems, strategies, formulas, ideas, information etcetera will result in any future earning or other benefits for you. Your results always depend on you alone. I, and everyone associated with the creation of this work, absolutely and explicitly disclaim any and all liability for any lose or injury of any kind or variation for any choices and decisions you make, and for any and all actions you take as a direct or indirect result of using any or all of my influence. We trust you understand this. Success does not just automatically occur magically. It requires strategic planning, massive work and much more.

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Should you for whatever reason feel our product is not satisfactory we will within 30-days of purchase with proof of purchase refund you in full.

Thank you for your investment. Know that we care about you and that we only want the very best for you. We live to serve you. I love sharing with you what I have experienced and learned and what worked for me or what inspired me. I am dedicated to always strive to deliver helpful content and desire to help you. Each day I wake up wondering how I can best serve others with love and real helpful value. It is my hope that my work will serve you in some beautiful way. As always, remember love, live and contribute. I found that when we do life becomes rich, full of joy and deeply fulfilling.

I hope this will also be your experience, you awesome person.

Call me naïve or crazy if you wish, but I cannot help to believe that you have been born with a purpose, that you have gifts to share with this world, that the lessons learned from your struggle and pain has value and that you matter. I like to believe that you are important, that your life and
hopes matter and that your dreams have to be possible – even if it will require a mountain of work, massive dedication, struggle and more. That you and I can make a positive contribution, that in some small way we can help to make the world a better place. At least that is my hope and prayer for you, for me and for everyone else who also wants to believe this.

Now let’s get to work you creative, gifted, special person. The world has not seen your best as yet. Let’s show the world what you are made of. It is time. Let’s do something meaningful that serves, contributes and matters. Let’s do something epic. Let’s help to inspire peace worldwide and as Gandhi told us “be the change we want to see.” I look forward to hearing about your success and to celebrating you. Now, let’s focus on what you do want. On what we can control and do, and how you may be able to step-by- step live with more love, more boldly engaged and in greater contribution and service to others so that you can create and enjoy more of the life you have always dreamed about. This is what I want to hear about – What is the life you always wanted? How are you going for it? How can I best help you? Let’s talk about this. Onwards and Upwards –Always!