JT Foxx – The World’s #1 Wealth Coach, helped me grow my overall business by 326.97%, and my coaching practice accelerated by 6,763.94%, in less than 180 Days since meeting him… and the journey has just begun.


David and JT Foxx in New York City

In January 2017, I was blessed to meet a very interesting and controversial man by the name of JT Foxx at a Rich Dad Elite Legacy Education event in Los Angeles, CA. Prior to this, I had never heard of JT. As the time drew closer to his appearance, I overheard someone remark that although he is very dynamic, he is not well received by many. In fact, he said some very nasty, judgmental things I do not wish to repeat.

From the moment JT Foxx walked in, he made a very positive impression – being well-dressed, well-traveled, and well-spoken. He went through a series of intentional and habitualized power poses, emphasizing the display of an ultra-expensive, beautiful, timepiece – even handing it to people in the front row to touch. Needless to say, I was fascinated, intrigued and definitely very skeptical.

Now having said all this, he was the most dynamic speaker at this event and we connected from the very first moment we talked. After six months of interaction with JT and his organization, I can in all sincerity tell you that this man offers a tremendous amount of inspiration and immediately-usable, practical business strategies that helps people worldwide to significantly better their businesses and improve their financial lives. He is the real deal and all about results. No wonder so many people are jealous of him.

When you meet JT Foxx, you can either be jealous, or inspired – I chose to be inspired.

He may sometimes use humor not everyone appreciates, but JT Foxx is a branding and strategic marketing genius who consistently generates million-dollar ideas and fabulous brand names for his clients – including me. He gave me my “Step-by-Step to My First Million/5 Million/10 Million” brand idea.

JT Foxx is a straight-forward, no B.S., say-it-as-it-is man with a dynamic personality and one of the most impressive work ethics I have ever encountered. For those who know me, that is saying a lot, as I have done 22 high-level events, on four continents in one month.

Once you get beyond the mostly unfair B.S. criticism his haters are spreading, and get to know the heart of this man, you will realize that he – just like everyone else – is not perfect, and that he is a very special person with tremendous gifts. One being the ability to help anyone recognize their own B.S. and blind spots, then with his help, find clarity of the way forward to the riches they desire.

During June 27, 2017, I was fortunate to visit with him at his beautiful, water-front residence in Florida. Where he – within seconds of conversation – gave me a brilliant brand identity to develop going forward. He also invited Jessica and myself to become members of his lifelong Top 1% Family.

Due to the tremendous amount of value we see him bring, and the incredible global network he enables us to be a part of, we made the decision and accepted his offer to become Lifetime Family.

Starting from my original skepticism, I have grown to feel a sincere love, respect and appreciation for JT Foxx. I would say to other sceptics: Do not judge this man until you have invested a significant amount of time with him, as I am certain he will grow on you over time, just as he has with me.

In spite of two very high-level friends of mine warning me not to trust JT, I am now ready to really embrace the dynamic teachings of JT Foxx, the world’s #1 Wealth Coach.

As a very seasoned, $20,000+ level, international keynote speaker with Fortune 500 companies and other top clients across 5 continents, and a business-wealth-life coach with $50,000 clients of my own, it was certainly not easy for me to embrace a coach that is younger than me the way I am now embracing JT as a coach. –At this time, it looks like he is going to be the coach with the biggest impact in my life. For this I am truly excited and grateful.

Thanks to JT Foxx, in November 2017, I will – God willing – be on stage in Los Angeles speaking and interviewing the iconic celebrity, Al Pacino, at JT Foxx’s Mega Success Event. We anticipate having 4 billionaires along with dozens of A-list Hollywood and business celebrities such as Mark, Wahlberg, Steve Wozniak, Gene Simmons and Christie Brinkley. We are expecting about 2,000 attendees from over 50 countries. There are over 70 private jets coming in for this event.

Say what you want about JT Foxx, but who else in the world is producing results like this? JT Foxx is raw, real and brilliant.

Since meeting JT Foxx, I have been so inspired by his example that my own financial results have increased by 326.97% in the first two quarters of 2017. I credit this directly to JT Foxx’s inspiration, example and strategies. I am now also a better coach for my own coaching students as a result of being coached by JT Foxx. How can I not love results such as this? There is a reason why people pay him over a million dollars for a day’s worth of coaching – he is that good.

With George H. Ross and JT Foxx, Scottsdale, AZ

Prior to meeting JT Foxx, my branding and marketing was severely neglected. Now, as a result of my exposure to JT and his coaches – Hugh Hilton, George Ross and others – I am now super intentional and proactive in brand building and strategic marketing. Thank you, JT.

I am also especially grateful for what he is doing for the people of South Africa, where I was born. Meeting several South African’s at JT’s residence during a Top 1% Experience, I saw and heard the massive value he is adding to their lives. He does not always tell people what they want to hear, but if they heed his guidance they stand a real chance of levelling up in ways they never imagined before. Thank you, JT, I am proud of you. Stay awesome man.

Let’s remember the fact that a mere 9 years ago, JT himself had $900 and something dollars to his name and drove a rusty pick-up truck. In just 9 years he has built a global, multi-million-dollar empire and touched the lives of countless numbers of people. He walks his talk and certainly knows what it is like to be an underdog. More importantly, he cares about helping the underdogs of the world – like you and I – become incredibly successful. His slogan “Powered by Your Success” is a very appropriate one, and he pours his heart into making it a daily reality.

So far, I am certainly glad that I did not let these haters and critic deter me from investing in many of his excellent programs. Every time I see JT speak he delivers even more value than the amazing value he delivered the previous time.

JT Foxx is truly a master of bringing “WOW!” moments to everyone attending his totally-worth-your-time learning experiences.

At JT’s branding event in New York city earlier this year, I was blown away how he delivered compounded Wow! experiences one after the other. You owe it to yourself to experience JT Foxx in person. Forget the critics. Ignore the haters. Go experience his brilliance up close and first-hand. He may initially trigger you emotionally, but my recommendation is continuing the journey until that magic moment happens where JT Foxx lets you into his heart and gives you your million-dollar plus brand idea. It will be worth the journey.

I know there are people who have had bad experiences with him when he was much younger in his 20’s, but I get it. Who JT is today, is not who he was as an immature young man almost a decade ago. He has invested close to 4 million dollars in getting coached by outstanding people such as Nido Qubein, the President of High Point University. This has made all the difference – who is coaching you?

I, personally, get and like JT Foxx. The world needs him and what he can do. I sincerely hope I will never regret singing his praises so joyously.

I have never heard anyone more successful than JT Foxx criticize him, only those less successful. This should tell you something.

Who knows what the future really holds in terms of my relationship with JT Foxx and his organization. I anticipate him and I developing a closer and closer relationship as time goes by, and imagine the possibilities of being more active in JT Foxx events – worldwide.

Jessica and I are looking forward to returning to his home and joining him at his home in Thailand for many more Top 1% Experiences throughout our lifetime.

With Jessica, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

We are also deeply grateful for his wonderful staff and amazing people such as, Damien, Francie, Tracy, Jason, Reggie, Theresa and many others.

We now also have new friends worldwide as a result of being in the JT Foxx family.

JT has leveled me up, and best of all, the journey is just beginning.

Thank you, JT Foxx, for who you are in my life. Let’s do great things together. I am ready.

With Love, Respect & Appreciation,

David Fabricius






For more information about JT Foxx, visit him at his website: www.jtfoxx.com

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