“David Fabricius is a special individual. He takes the concepts of mind, body and spirit to another level.”

Karan F. Bilimoria
Lord of Chelsea & Chair – YPO London



David Fabricius is often compared to James Bond or Jason Bourne, with the wisdom of Yoda and the charismatic superhero presence of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Although he has skills that less than .01% of the population have, he is not a secret agent or spy. Instead, his mission is to help arm those who wish to learn with the tools to create a truly full spectrum life.

David began life far away from the crowds he now speaks to in a small village in South Africa. Instead, he spent his early days eating figs from trees with the monkeys and avoiding crocodiles.

After starting his first successful business before turning 18, David served as an instructor in a classic special forces unit, trained by the British SAS & an instructor and team leader in a national counter terrorism SWAT unit specializing in hostage rescue and high value target arrest.

In the SA military Special Forces School, he received 1st place in a special instructors course under the supervision of Major Oupa Van Dyck – a national skydiving champion, after earlier being trained earlier under the supervision of Major David Fourie- a two time Honorus Crux recipient. After completing service in the military, he found his calling in motivational speaking and elite success coaching.

David consistently receives standing ovations from audiences on 5 continents of up to 50,000. He has shared speakers programs with Sir. Richard Branson for YPO London, Tony Robbins for the 1997 JCI World Congress in Hawaii, and Robert Kiyosaki in South-Africa with his own real estate investment club. Clients include YPO, EO, Microsoft, Motorola, Mass Mutual and many more. He has been awarded the JCI Four Outstanding Young South African Award, a USA 0-1 Special Talents and Extraordinary Abilities visa as a speaker, and The Key of Freedom to The City of Miami.

David has spoken at YPO events globally across five continents for the past 19 years, an EO global leadership conference, twice as the keynote speaker at the Swedish JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World award function and taught the heads of private Swiss banks at the world famous IMD – International Institute of Management Development. He is also a very popular speaker at the FortuneBuilders, Inc. Mindset Intensives and annual Ignite event.

David’s teachings are based on building a foundation of balance, which he calls The Core 7 System™ and The Vital 7 System™. These transformative approaches have helped thousands worldwide, including top performing corporate business leaders, maverick entrepreneurs, professional investors, & world champion strength athletes.

David’s partner, JESSICA , brings the softer feminine counterpoint and balance to David’s natural Alpha male charisma. She is the inspiration and driving force behind David, while helping empower women to embrace their spirituality, physicality, sexuality, creativity and inner fire.

Together, David and Jessica share a goal of helping to create, empower, and train other power couples to lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

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