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    "In life, you're either forging ahead or falling behind. David Fabricius provides the system and insight you need to bring your dreams to fruition."

    - Jahn Levine CEO of Purity Products

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    Find Out About: Mindset, Leadership And Money Making Lessons From Special Operations Warriors, Elite Entrepreneurs & Professional Investors

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    Full Spectrum Man - 16 and 17th of January

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  • DAVID FABRICIUS is a world renowned leadership, sales-motivation and life optimization speaker resource, a master executive coach, Fire-Walk facilitator and specialist trainer. David is a former military man and an initiator of both men and women. David has survived five near-death experiences, giving him unique perspectives on life.

    He is the founder of the Full Spectrum Life Group and of the Full Spectrum Man/Woman programs. His global clients include YPO, EO, Microsoft, Motorola, Mass Mutual, Lucent Technologies, Old Mutual Private Wealth, RE/MAX, Hayden Homes, American Jewish University, International Institute for Management Development, International Speakers Bureau, FortuneBuilders Inc., Swiss Private Bankers, and many high net-worth families globally and many more. He has presented YPO events across five continents and trained people from 143 nations and counting.

    He is a JCI World Senator, recipient of The Key of Freedom from the City of Miami, and much more. 

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  • When the wealthiest and most influential business leaders in Switzerland pay attention to a teacher and recommend him, I too pay attention. David Fabricius is extraordinary, talented and deeply thought provoking. He knows how to develop leaders beyond their comfort zones for uncommon growth."

    Professor Jacques Horovitz, PhD (Columbia University) Director of Executive Education, IMD-International Institute for Management Development, Lausanne, Switzerland.

  • "David Fabricius is a special individual. He made a tremendous impact on our members. He takes the concepts of mind, body and spirit to another level."

    Karan F. Bilimoria CBE DL MA (Law) Cambridge University, The Lord of Chelsea, House of Lords, London, Chair - YPO London.

  • "If you constantly seek a performance edge in all aspects of life and want to be the best version of yourself, this is the book for you."

    Konrad Sopielnikow, BA Yale University, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of FortuneBuilders Inc., San Diego, California.

  • Fire Walk with David

    David Fabricius facilitates and leads "ignite/breakthrough" and team building events, including his awesome fire walk experience, across Africa, Europe, North, Central and South America, Australia, Asia and beyond. The fire walk is very popular with YPO worldwide, and makes for a truly once-in-a-lifetime event with great lifelong and immediately usable take home value.

    After David's Fire Walk Experience, Microsoft described David as "a powerful catalyst for human and economic growth." He has helped YPO-owned companies' sales teams increase their sales by between 26% and 300% in a quarter. What may be possible for your group?



  • We provide highly effective, results-focused keynote presentations, seminars, workshops and specialized training programs customized for your specific needs in the areas of sales, motivation, leadership, team building, time management / life balance, peak performance, stress management, personal growth and wellness.


  • Welcome to a magical journey of discovery... Please join our adult conversation.


  • Are you living the life of financial freedom of your dreams? If not, what if you in just one day can gain the wisdom, specialized knowledge, attitudes and strategies you need to shift your financial reality fast? 


  • We awaken men for a more conscious world, as champions on non-violent transformation and men who know how to "have it all"— professionally and in our personal lives. It is about being a better man for a better world, about creating abundant prosperity and contributing to the greater good—full spectrum. 


  • Be the woman you want to be. Feel beautiful, attractive, worthy, safe, successful and fulfilled. Choose to have it all.


  • Protect your Family, Yourself, and Home: To be a Full Spectrum Man/Woman is to learn and master the skills to lead, live well, and be a healthy, confident, and financially secure person. Someone who chooses a peaceful and nonviolent life yet understands the value and necessity of being ready for dealing with life's disasters and emergencies.


  • To help veterans of the U.S. Military make a successful transition from military life to civilian life and become well-adapted, productive, successful entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and lifelong corporate, family, and community leaders.